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  1. +1


    It's still fine, I have no problem on his voice or any of the instruments in it. It's just the style. Freaking Meyer... It's her fault Muse became like this. <_<" BURN THE WITCH!!! lol :p


    I don't think blaming Twilight is accurate, though Twilight is the medium through which many more people found out about Muse. Matt wrote that song right after he broke up with his long-time girlfriend, according to an interview. And Muse has been on this trajectory of music for quite some time now.


    To me, it's a new low for the band in terms of the quality of the songwriting. Poorly written lyrics mixed with a concoction of recycled stuff from their past songs ("Snowflakes in the ocean" instead of "droplets"; KoC rhythm during the verse; cheesy USoE-reminiscent intro). It's not so much because of Twilight as much as where Muse is setting themselves up in their careers, really.

  2. Ooh, I love them! Saw them recently, what cool guys to talk to. I love how they wrecked the stage and the lead singer did a handstand-y thing on his keyboard. Pure epic.


    Cool! I've seen pics of him doing the keyboard handstand thing... though that's something Money Mark (touring keyboardist for Beastie Boys) is also known for.

  3. Yeah. I'm sure he didn't mean it in a way like "We've got nothing better to do. We don't really give a shit about Australia, it's just gonna make some people happy, and it's easy enough for us." :shifty:


    Don't worry, in that BBC interview a few days ago, Chris said they were coming to Australia after the North American fall leg! Then Asia, afterward.


    Imagine how the South American fans must feel! They'll probably head there after Asia.

  4. At an interview after the BDO Matt said they only came to Australia because it's piss easy. :(


    I've seen that interview. I think he meant that in a good way, especially in terms of the weather...?

  5. Radio station says they have a big concert announcement Monday at 7am. I told them I lost faith when the last one was the Jonas Brothers. Luckily, they said it's "ALOT BETTER" to exact quote, haha. Fingers crossed! Tomorrow would be a good day for more dates, after all!


    We're getting a concert announcement tomorrow, too, and I felt the same way as you when our promoter made the Owl City announcement on Monday. :LOL: Not getting my hopes too high, but the timing would be perfect if it is indeed for Muse.

  6. From @pipelinecafe on Twitter: "we have a big concert announcement monday....it's going to be wonderful!!!"


    Another concert announcement for Hawaii on Monday. My expectations are low, despite the wording in that tweet. :rolleyes:


    Watch it be the date for Empire of the Sun... which actually wasn't formally announced. The promoter just tweeted a link to a video of theirs this week.This week's announcement was actually Owl City. :rolleyes:

  7. Miss Liberty, I believe Jes was referring to USoE, and not NSC. Try reading her posts again. :)


    I fell in love with Undisclosed Desires upon hearing the 30-second preview. It's still my most played track from The Resistance. :p I'd really love to see Muse go in that musical direction. To hell with all the haters!


    Oooh, thanks for that catch! I was wondering if NSC had leaked!


    UD has become one of my favorites off the new album. IMHO Muse is at their best when they do straight-up rock, though.

  8. I meant, I didn't like it at first but it became my fave when I listened to the whole song :p Twilight. I really hate it. I shudder at the thought of it being compared to Anne Rice's books. Maybe Muse made the song that way to fit that stupid movie :dance:


    :yesey: I've also been watching Bliss from The Resistance tour, the falsetto isn't the same :( The performance from MTV live 2006 of Bliss was :awesome: I hope they keep adding old songs to their setlist. They choose different songs for each gig right? Only problem with that is missing out on the other great songs plus envying other fans who got to watch 'em :stunned:


    You listened to the whole song?


    Muse, dumbing it down for the masses. :noey:


    No, for the most part, they haven't been choosing different songs every night - that's the whole beef. Check out the Resistance Tour thread and catch up on what you've been missing. MK Ultra was only played nine times (out of 20-something dates) the entire North American tour; Ruled by Secrecy was played only twice; and they only played Bliss once.


    Here's where I've been getting the statistics for the tour. Notice on many of the gigs, it says "see (this place)" - meaning they've been recycling setlists. Musefail.

  9. Ako naman, I didn't like the 30 second preview of USoE. Now it's one of my favorites. I guess we all hate NSC because of its connection to Twilight. I wish Stephenie Meyer would become obsessed with another band :LOL:


    Yan ba faves mo? Personally, I think their songs that are best heard live are SS, MotP, KoC and MK Ultra. I almost forgot, pati pala Dead Star :D


    A 30-second clip and it's already one of your favorite songs? :LOL: We don't like the Twilight connection, but there's also hate for it because it could *potentially* be one of their weakest songs and we know Muse can do better. Same reason why there's beef about their US tour. But again... we've only heard 30 seconds of NSC.


    Good choices. A shame they don't play MK and Dead Star more often.

  10. Well yeah, I kinda regret what I've said on the other thread because I immediately judge the song as 'bad' even though I haven't heard of the full song and I'm the only one there who doesn't like it. Yes, it does sound a bit cheesy. We'll never know if it'll turn out good or not till we hear the whole song... I have high hopes for it, I also have high hopes before the 30 sec preview was released, then I got disappointed after I heard it. I'm not giving up my hope on the full version... But maybe it just sounds bad at first and if we keep on listening and listening to it we'll find out that it is great :)


    Which thread was this, the NSC thread? I kept seeing disappointed status updates or comments from my Muser friends about the clip earlier today. I seriously only saw one person who liked it. But maybe that says something about the Muser friends I have.


    The release is only a few days away so we'll see.

  11. Neutron Star Collision sneak peak is out!




    I didn't expected it to sound like that.

    I don't like it. It sounds.... Kinda like Guiding Light. Well that's just my opinion.

    Well, baka naman maganda yung buo. Minsan ganun eh :p


    A bit cheesy, right?


    I'm fully expecting the worst... but hoping for the best. Though... remember when people were saying the song "Resistance" would be shit after hearing the :30 sample of it? Then it turned out to be not such a bad song after all. I'm trying to hold judgment until I hear the whole thing. The :30 sample of NSC does not bode well, though.

  12. Kinda jealous. I really want to see Empire of the Sun, looks like a fun show, but they're only playing NYC and LA... might go visit a friend in NYC for a week and see them though. :awesome: And the Dead Weather too while I'm up there. :D


    Nice - if you end up in NYC, have fun there and enjoy those shows!

  13. It's Empire of the Sun. Hmm, they didn't play Coachella... more impending announcements, I guess ;)


    I hate being left hanging, I don't know if I should look for other dates or not, I can't exactly afford a plane ticket.


    I would wait. Like others have said a bunch of times (:chuckle:), the ACL lineup is announced next week, so maybe more dates will come out around that time...

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