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  1. I loved the TX loves Muse on the big screen! It looked awesome. :happy:


    See you guys again this Friday (when hopefully ACL has a little more power to back the guys up :LOL: - my 8 year old with Autism, who worships Muse, was horrified by the power issues)


    That sign was the Gonzales sisters! :) Muse friends.


    We need to meet up at some point over the weekend, Evie!

  2. Hawaii fans: I'm hosting a listening party for The 2nd Law on September 18 at Amuse Wine Bar. That's right - listen to Muse at Amuse. Come by to hear the album, meet local Muse fans, eat some good food and win some awesome Muse swag! Space is limited, so please RSVP on Facebook or email hawaiimusers@gmail.com. THIS EVENT IS FREE! 21+ only, please.


    The Ice Garden at Amuse Wine Bar is located on the second floor of the Honolulu Design Center (1250 Kapiolani Blvd) - the orange building on Kapiolani Blvd, kitty corner from Ala Moana Center. Ample free parking is available in the design center structure; enter from Piikoi Street.

  3. not trying to be annoying but im just genuinely surprised to see an Outside Lands bootleg before a Lolla one


    crowbiwan has one... seems like he feels it doesn't meet his standards though?

  4. Uh oh...isn't Thursday the day we're meant to play soccer with Chris? :LOL:


    Yeah if that actually happens! :LOL: I'm sure the mixer and pub crawl will be in the evening!

  5. Gonna go with TDCC. I love Arctic Monkeys, but I'll see them on Sunday at the festival, plus the following weekend at Outside Lands. I could technically see TDCC here in LA in September too, but no one I asked was interested, so that will be my first aftershow of choice. Undecided about the ones on Thursday and Friday nights but leaning towards Local Natives.


    I'm leaning towards TDCC, too, just 'cause I already saw White Lies when they opened for Muse at Wembley. Everyone else I know who's going is planning on White Lies, though.

  6. They saw that they got a 45min slot and thought, "shit we don't have enough material to do that! Let's make a new album instead :)"


    Hehe, glad they're working on new material. Always wondered about new bands who only have so much material to work with live.



    I just assumed Alexis was too ashamed to show up in Chicago wearing that Michael Jordan knock-off jersey she wears at shows.


    A fellow fan of The National, eh? :)

  7. Sleigh Bells cancelled their Lolla performance?! Aw man! I seem to have bad luck trying to catch these guys live.


    Here's what they posted on their Facebook page:



    Derek and I want to sincerely apologize to all we have disappointed for canceling our Lollapalooza performance. We feel very strongly that it is the best route for Sleigh Bells, as we are currently completely devoted to writing and recording our next record. We wanted to be honest and let you know at least a month in advance. I hope you will all trust our judgement and support us in this decision. We will be back in 2012 with new music and more shows! Love, A + D


  8. I know! Maybe Muse (as #4) will get bumped down to subheadliner, and will play before Foos for a glorious Sunday finale. Then the Foo/Muse fanbase can just stay put for 2 sets, and Dave Grohl can grope Chris some more. Last year Muse headlined Coachella without actually closing the stage, so it's not unheard of.




    /wishful thinking


    This would be glorious. But poor Muse, always in the shadow of the Foo. :D

  9. Hi! Haha. Tagal ko nang di nagpopost. I got pre-owned copies of Random 1-8 and the Dead Star/In Your World EP from Fully Booked today. Iba talaga effect ng Muse sa akin. Kahit wala pang sweldo binili ko na agad. Can't help it. Hahaha!


    Muse: promoting financial irresponsibility since 1994. :LOL:

  10. Coldplay and Muse?!?!?!?! That is absolutely perfect, so long as they don't conflict. That would crush my soul. I'd pick Muse, but I'd be wrecked inside knowing my other boys are playing on another stage across the park without me.:( Hopefully they'll go against Eminem or the Foos ... Coldplay and Muse would most likely not be scheduled together considering their fanbase overlap, but I'm still worried. If they play separate nights though, WOW. Two out of my "Big Four" at the same festival and I already have a pass?! :D:D:D


    Foos and Muse are my top two, so hopefully it'll be Muse / Eminem and Foos / Coldplay, for our sake! :)

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