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  1. I started to learn it today, I'm addicted too! It's hard but I never thought I would learn to play Plug in Baby :D

  2. lol I want to be the BMX bandit :D

  3. Good times!!! Need a bit of Mitchel and Webb lately

  4. Hi I added you on yahoo. x

  5. Only wembley :( I did try for both though. Ha yeah it is that chat thingy, do you use it often? I hope you managed to get some tickets as well. :)

  6. Hey Whats your fac muse track right now??

  7. What are your thoughts on the new Muse material off the Resistance?? :D

  8. Hey I was bored and found this on You Tube! :http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rN1WrymTiqo enjoy! :p

  9. Hello there cool profile you have! Really like ladytron and peepshow¬¬¬ :D

  10. Hello there stranger, what a delectable name you have! Shadows remind me of this strange black and white film I saw when I was young...ghosts of our past or something (it was a foreign film). Also that is a very compelling list of bands you like... so many of my own favourites there too! I see that you have read Sir Gawain And The Green Knight, might I ask where you got it from?

  11. Na, but Im gonna sort out a Myspace before I shoot off to Uni lol!

  12. No, unfortunately I haven't. At the minute I am in my final year of sixth form and we are studying archaeic English lanuage from the 11th - 18th century. I want to find a copy to read though... any suggestions?? I added you on myspace too! :D

  13. I really like the song Uprising very catchy but I seem to be hooked on Undisclosed Desires and I belong to you. I must say I am really liking this album but I feared they would go commercial on this one....thankfully not :D

  14. Hey Mr Dink Im sorta new! What Muse stuff do you own??

  15. Simon Armitage?? That man is so cool... saw him a while back at some poetry live session! Thanks for the useful information :D

  16. Hows things in your part of the world??

  17. Ah man seriously... I'm working my arse off to go Uni next year! The partying is slowly creeping back though (as the money slowly dries up!)

  18. Hey I hope that you are gonna have a Merry Christmas and that you have a real festive time as well!:xmas::xmas:

  19. Hey you a fan of Enter Shikari by any chance??

  20. The moon is full of green elephants....the government didnt want you to find out!

  21. I uploaded some vids i took of some enter shikari gigs! Bit dodgy but might be worth a watch... my You Tube channel is emexlondaxe78 if your interested!

  22. Cool man! Im thinking of getting a manson replica guitar but they are a bit pricy!

  23. Nice collection you have there.... lucky git lol! Hows things??

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