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    I'm a lead guitarist and songwriter for Sutton. We're recording soon, if you're interested in working with us or buying our EP, leave us a message.
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    Playing guitar, listening to music, going to concerts, writing songs, playing gigs.
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    Lead Guitarist/Songwriter
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    Can't put Muse? Damn you... way ahead of me.

    Guns N' Roses, Priestess, Radiohead, Black Label Society, all sorts of stuff...
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    Erm... anything that I'd pay to watch.
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    Comedy and animations...
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    Does a music book count as a book?
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    All their album, all their b-sides, a poster of one of the pictures from the BH&R booklet, and the digital download for HAARP with videos :)
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Sheffield Hallam FM Arena - 18/11/06

    Great day! Got to hear Exo-Politics a few days before it was last played :D
  1. Hey you guys have a myspace page??

  2. Hey have you got any new material I can listen to??

  3. And thank you for the friendship add! Its nice to meet people on the web who want to go somewhere with their Music!

  4. Hey thanks for the comment :) We'll be trying to get a practise together next weekend and we'll recorrd something and stick it up on here!

  5. Hey I really support what you are trying to do! I myself am heavily influenced by MUSE and want to start my own band as well with other MUSE fans. I don't think its purely down to talent, I think if you have dreams and desires then why don't you deserve your chance!

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