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    Well I live in boring Russian small town Shodnja..... There is nothing, very boringly....... But I have found entertainment, I have created group and now I make the way on a greater stage. My daddy too the musician plays to group NeboZemlja, it very much helps me.........
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    Long to list, me ask
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    I play on a guitar, I sing, I play on the piano........ There is a group, try to make the way on a greater stage......
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    Hullabaloo and H.A.A.R.P
  1. hey...see you again...

  2. Hey have you done anymore drawings recently?? Do you prefer Uprising or USoE?

  3. soon hopefully it would be very nice to but I need to see if they play there soon! :p

  4. hahaha.cool!

    To Russia you will arrive?

  5. Will you see Muse live this year too? I want to travel Europe to see them! :D

  6. So the new album is called the Resistance= Awesome :D x

  7. хех....а ты есть вконтакте???

  8. о незнаю.такое)

  9. не....я рядом с мосвой.....сходня называется.....

  10. с Москвы)

    а ты с Питера?

  11. кстати....а ты откуда?)

  12. та так......кое какие люди которые говорят на английском так же как и я)))точнее говоря не правильно)

  13. а меня там нетЬ...

    парочкой?хто же это?)

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