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  1. The amount the band (and .mu) have advertised it being on the BBC really contradicts the announcement. But anyway, either it's true that they've asked the BBC not to broadcast, in which case we probably won't get a DVD anyway, or their record company told them to say that to boost anticipation and therefore sales of a DVD, or the BBC are full of shit and they didn't want to do anything other than trying to get better viewing figures, and we'll see a DVD at some point down the line.
  2. Not buying that excuse to be honest. CE, Micro Cuts and FG are all played regularly, SD was played AT A FESTIVAL in 2009. I don't for a minute they're more comfortable with that performance of UD than the OoS songs...
  3. And yet @musesetlist says they played it in full from the start. I know that's not a guarantee but that account is usually pretty accurate. Put it this way, if that setlist.fm list is correct, the BBC coverage is now playing song 18 of (probably) about 20 to 22 songs. Those 4 (max) songs aren't gonna take up the whole other hour of the show, so I'm staying optimistic
  4. Lol at the knee-jerk articles and comment Oh well, can always trust the Muse board to be level-headed and mature abou... Oh. Obviously now we know it's all bollocks, but I have to say the idea of even just one song written by Chris sounds awesome Pretty much all of my favourites feature awesome basslines (Futurism, Fury, Hysteria etc.) so I'd like to think a Chris-written song would be along those lines
  5. win Still, where are all of the countless Emo bands (P!ATD, Fallout Boy, etc etc...) included? They sound like carbon copies of each other...
  6. Ah that's good I am indeed a techie in a school! It's all good dude Woo! Haha where you going then? x.

  7. Uni is good, sorting out other random things at the moment, like year abroad and various other issues... Seem to have finally adjusted to living in a proper house now, was well weird moving out of halls. Weather hasn't improved though... How's the job? I hear you're a techie in a school now?

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