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  1. Ah that's good I am indeed a techie in a school! It's all good dude Woo! Haha where you going then? x.

  2. Uni is good, sorting out other random things at the moment, like year abroad and various other issues... Seem to have finally adjusted to living in a proper house now, was well weird moving out of halls. Weather hasn't improved though... How's the job? I hear you're a techie in a school now?

  3. It's Mr. Tom and his beard. How goes it? Uni good mate? x.

  4. Hi. 5 days :D :D :D Anyway... I thought we should probably sort out what we're doing on Tuesday as it's getting closer (SOOO CLOSE!) So if you wanna add me on facebook at /tomwatts90, then we can discuss and stuff... :D Tom x

  5. Yeah you mentioned I could get them in the queue haha! Thanks a mil, really excited about this.:happy:

  6. Hey. Thought I should let you know, I can't remember if i did in our convo the other day, I actually have the tickets here, so we've not got to worry about them being despatched/being victims of the postal strike in england etc :) Tom x

  7. Hey, I'm gunna have to go on holiday in a few days, so I feel I'm not really in the best of positions to be organising stuffs, cos I'll be away from a computer etc..., so if someone wants to take over, I'm cool with that Still up for coming and participating though
  8. XDXD!! Well, when yer gotta goo on hol's?

    Maybe I caan help :D

  9. Oh. Er... no, not yet. Thing is I was kinda waiting for more people to join, like 5 seems a small number of people to be singing in the middle of a city lol. And I have to go on holiday in like a week, so I'm not sure what I can do :( I really wanna participate though, I just think I'm not really in the best position to be organiser lol.

  10. Allypaap...has the Brum USoE meet up happened yet? XDXD!! :D

  11. I'm from Great Barr, north Brum. It's a bus into town for me n all. Anyhoo, it seems you've opened the floodgates, we're 4 strong now!
  12. Right, anyone wishing to come to Brum for the thank you vid, I'd like you to post any suggestions on where you'd like us to visit, and possible times (Bearing in mind the August deadline). There are obvious ones - by the bull, selfridges, and outside symphony hall would be good for during CD. Once I know exactly what we've got to do, singing, actions etc., I'll be needing your help, for example we'll probably need at least a loud hailer to coordinate everyone etc.
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