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    Manchester Apollo: Nov 2001
    Nottingham Ice Arena: Nov 2003
    MEN Arena: Nov 2006
    Wembley Stadium: June 2007
    Royal Albert Hall: April 2008
    Rock In Rio Lisbon: June 2008
    V Festival Staffs: August 2008
    The Den, Teignmouth: 4th September 2009
    The Den, Teignmouth: 5th September 2009
    Giants Stadium New York: 23rd Sept 2009
    Giants Stadium New York: 24th Sept 2009
    Sheffield Arena: 4th Nov 2009
    Echo Arena Liverpool: 5th Nov 2009
    NEC Birmingham: 10th November 2009
    MSG, New York: 5th March 2010
    Glastonbury, Pilton: 26th June 2010
    LCC Manchester: 4th September 2010
    Wembley Stadium: 11th September 2010
    Nassau Coliseum: 23rd October 2010
    Leeds Fest: 26th August 2011
    MSG, New York: 15th & 16th April 2013
    Etihad Stadium, Manchester: 1st June 2013
  1. Happy Birthday! :party:

  2. In New York every time. Can't tell you the name of the bar/hotel, obv :p We just found out through a Tweet where they were and happened to catch them every time we went for a drink.

  3. I fyou don't mind me asking.. Where and HOW did you meet XD I just love hearing about others stories about meeting them XD

  4. Haha LOL.. Just countin' on it now.. *crosses fingers*

  5. Yeah, all in due time! If you want something enough and you believe in it, it happens! Several times in my case lmao

  6. Wow you've gotta be the luckiest person EVAR!! haha I wish I could meet them *sighs* lol.. all in due time haha

  7. Several times, my dear :D

  8. You got to meet Matt and Dom!!?

  9. Yeah, a shit load of girls from my own board! ;-)

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