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  1. I'm confused to what ticket I actually bought.. I paid the standing fee however email says level 3 and seat numbers.. oh well happy to get a ticket
  2. I can't wait!! April seems so long away,at least I managed to get a muse fix at the electric ballroom gig
  3. Showbiz: - muscle museum -showbiz -sober Origin of symmetry: -hyper music -bliss -space dementia Absolution: -hysteria -Stockholm syndrome -the small print Black holes and revelations: -take a bow -map of the promlematique -knights of cydonia The resistance: -undisclosed desires -mk ultra -exogenesis II The 2nd Law -unsustainable -follow me -panic station Drones: -globalist -reapers Handler
  4. Do These French fans not have jobs?? Or a mortgage?? lol How do they afford to go everywhere??
  5. Here goes... Q1: Fave Muse song (in general) Hysteria Q2: Fave Muse song (vocally) Sing for absolution Q3: Fave Muse song (musically) Take a bow Q4: Fave Muse song (live) Stockholm syndrome Q5: Fave Muse music video? Bliss Q6: Fave Muse member? Matt Q7: Fave Muse item of clothing the band have worn? Matts white lab coat Glastonbury 2004 Q7: Fave Muse moment? "I got out of those funny laughs.... Like one of those stomach ones"-matt Q7: Fave Muse album? Absolution its when I got into muse Q8: Fave Muse riff? HysteriA Q8: Matt the pinaist or Matt the guitarist? Matt the guitarist Q9: If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 Muse songs to listen to which would they be? Hysteria, hyperchondriac music, and now I'd say the globalist Q9: If you could spend the day with Muse...what would you do? Go Thorpe park!! And then out to some bars in the evening... Q10: What colour hair suits Matt best? Black Q11: How many times have you seen Muse live? 15!! Q12: How long have you been a fan? 11 years Q13: Have you ever met Muse? No.... Im desperate too... Q14: Chris' best moustach moment? The handlebar era Q15: Fave album cover? The 2nd Law Q16: Bliss or Newborn? Bliss Q17: Plug in Baby or Time Is Running Out? Plug in baby Q18: Stockholm Syndrome or Hysteria? Hysteria Q19: Fave Muse b-side? Hyperchondriac music Q20: Why are you a fan of Muse I'm a massive fan because every album is sooo different and when they bring out a new album you know you are going to get something different from the previous.... But with the general muse sound. The music gives me goosebumps and i just ant fault masts voice...they have me gripped always and forever Enjoy!
  6. I was in the golden circle right infront of matt, had a great time and the guys around me were all great too!!
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