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  1. Nah, just 3 years! Doing an MRes (master of research) so it's all research from now on, thank goodness. Ow, just come back and keep searching for jobs! I hate being back in Sweden (am here over christmas) so I know the feeling..

  2. So did I, but I continued at Cardiff Uni, doing a masters now! Life in Cardiff is great, I love it. I'm not together with him anymore no, broke up last year, together with a Welshman now since the spring haha. How about you? How's life in France etc?

  3. Hey! I still am indeed. Where are you now? How've you been?

  4. Mona

    Because I've seen them my whole life!! Haha, Sweden is boiling now though. Dying the heatdeath.

  5. Mona

    Haha alright, all the shit Scandinavian countries then? ;)


    Well, I've been here my whole life.. so I'm bored. And I am sick of blondes!

  6. Mona

    Haha, what area then? The idea of potentially meeting you seems scary. But it would be amazing nonetheless. This bowl of spicy (veggie)meatballs is okay. Bored in Stockholm, but going back to the UK soon for partying etc then USA for more fun! WOOP

  7. Mona

    Gil, you ball of jewish mystery. Where are you?

  8. Haha, SICK! Du är så grym. Herregud, vad har hänt under all denna tid vi inte pratat? Uppdatera!!

  9. Haha sounds... nice...

    Just people. I have so much shit on my mind right now :p That's all.

  10. YES IT HAS. I have been up to uni and hating people. You?

  11. Bara jag som tycker de tappat stinget då.. (säger inte att de senaste är dåliga, men för mig är Muse fortfarande Showbiz och Origin of Symmetry. Sen är det inte Muse längre..)
  12. Thanks! It's sort of what it is, and most of my poems are introspective, and usually "happen" at a certain place. You know, listen to Nine Inch Nails more depressing songs and you'll sort of get it. Here's another one from my tumblr: It always gets darker Sometimes I wonder, With rage and thunder If the universe is right, and life’s a constant fight I want to tear a big hole, In my chest and my soul But I knew it all the time, and I’m just wasting my time It’s pointless, this screaming, when it’s nothing but dreaming And although I keep kicking, the time is still ticking, And I wonder when it will be, that I can stop kicking to be free and.. Revenge/Reward Head in knees Dirt under my nails The wrong succeed When all else fails I lay hurled You’ll pay the price An escaping world I’m breathing ice You will hear And you will see Pain and fear Will set you free
  13. I really like it. Well done, it's beautiful! I post my poems on http://comptine.tumblr.com So go there, read, register and like, etc. Here's one that I've uploaded there: On the grass With every cloud that passes by I think that now’s the time to die With every bug getting into my hair, I say it wouldn’t be more than fair With every straw that tickles me, I wonder if this is what it is to be With every darker shade of blue, I feel the night is the only thing true With every star reaching my eye, I realise it’s not time to say goodbye With every bit of quiet in the city, I miss my loved ones, and never seeing them again would be a pity With every star that fades away, I know there must be a reason to stay, With every lighter shade of blue, I realise I need to stick too, With every bit of sound reaching my ears, I stand up, walk away, and wipe out my tears With every step closer to being dead, I need to live before preparing for what lies ahead With every bit of hope I can defend, I refuse to believe this is the end.. Yeah, hope you liked it. Doesn't flow too easily, but depends on how you read it.
  14. I write some.. not that elaborated or well written.. but they're just.. extracts from my mind heh. http://comptine.tumblr.com/
  15. Drunk? No. Drink? Of course. But only, and only if you pay my mother a visit.
  16. I believe this will turn into a thread on alcohol again. Memories... bless.
  17. Skit! De är väl svindyra på biljettnu också väl? Men de å andra sidan, så har de väl bara släppt sittplatser till Hovet nu?
  18. det visste jag för länge sen. You are not worthy.
  19. Nope. Den här består av ryskälskande alkoholister, überfans, eventuellt lite annat. Välkommen
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