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    The virtual reality thing was kind of cool, they have done a good job. Too bad the song is a sack of balls.
  2. So, I know the title is pretty bad and campy. but that aside, I think this is a pretty decent album: 1. Uprising 2. Panic Station 3. Mercy 4. Reapers 5. Undisclosed Desires 6. Supremacy 7. MK Ultra 8. Dead Inside 9. Exogenesis 3 Redemption 10. Madness 11. The Handler 12. Animals 13. Survival 14. Psycho 15. Drones And also a little cover for that. I have NOT created the image, I don't know who did, but credit goes to someone else, I just took the liberty and added the title of the album. So what do you think? Is this a good list of the stuff you want to keep from Muse 3 lesser albums? Did I leave something out? Put too much in? Try making a playlist of this yourself and give it a listen, it has a nice flow I think. -- simonMharris.com--my music and videos--
  3. Hey there fellow Musers. My name is Simon M Harris. I just wanted to post and see if anyone was interested in listening to my latest album, for free of course. I've been posting some stuff here over the years and always loved your opinions, since I see Muse as one of my biggest influences. So this time I'd love to hear your opinion on my new album, Until Death Do Us part, or just a song or too would absolutely be enough. I am always looking to improve, and I can take critisism, so please be honest. Find it streamable for free on my bandcamp: simonmharris.bandcamp.com It is also available on Spotify anf iTunes, but you don't want that - it is not free So thanks alot, if you have the time to lend your ears for a short while.
  4. Wait. Dvd for oos? Yes. Dvd for absolution? Yes. Dvd for B&h? Yes. But dvd for resistance? Have I missed something??
  5. Hej du! Vad har DU hållit på med allt denna tid?

    Jag har undrat var du tagit vägen.


    Vad som hänt mig? Jo.. En del antar jag. Flyttat till Skåne, gått och gift mig, knåpat ihop till 11 skivor och blivit sjukt sugen på rap och därför ägnat mig lite åt det ett tag.

    Mer vet jag inte vad som skulle vara intressant.


    Hör av dig! Du får gärna maila istället, går aldrig in här, gjorde det bara för att få tag på dig. simonmikaelharris@gmail.com


    Ha det!

  6. Haha, SICK! Du är så grym. Herregud, vad har hänt under all denna tid vi inte pratat? Uppdatera!!

  7. this is a quite nice song really. nothing breathtaking, but its nice to listen too, the first song msue have done that you can have as background music i believe. i dont think this sounds like anything theyve done before really... which is good!
  8. this is a really good song! i just hearded it but i love it already! too bad there are so much backingtracks live...
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