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    Muse.mu back online

    Emmm... there's a typo in the Spanish translation
  2. Reading this thread I just remembered when I said that I had no doubt that if Matt sang some odd notes during a performance fans would be complaining about it , and some users jumped on my back saying how wrong I was because the fans didn't care about him not being perfect... well, there you go.
  3. But did you people actually see Muse perform? I was watching Eric Idle, blinked and suddenly there was Brian May and a girl with a ridiculous jumpsuit. Now, seriously, I'm surprised people are focussing so much on Matt's vocals but nobody is complaining about the bad treatment the band received yesterday. Everything happened so fast. I can't believe some artists had the opportunity to sing two or more songs (Hello Jesse J), and Muse not only didn't have a special moment to perform (wouldn't have made ​​more sense for them to play where Take That did?) but they had to "play" a shortened version of the OFFICIAL olympic song
  4. A Spanish reporter just mentioned that she saw some bands rehearse before doors were open, she didn't want to say any names but for what she said seems like one of the songs was Survival.
  5. I can't really understand how people who liked the trailer don't like the whole thing I can see where some of the comments come from, though. I think the trailer has done no good to the reception of the song. The trailer caused a lot of controversy, it was shocking, but all that impact is dead now. If they had released the whole song at once the reactions would have been different.
  6. Beibi

    Muse.mu back online

    I still remember the white version from Absolution era, I was fascinated by the main menu
  7. Well, he said that become a dad has amplified his concerns about the future, so who knows.
  8. So Dom will actually appear on the visuals, I thought they were just capturing his moves!
  9. It's fun how everyone brand everything as cringey or cheesy these days but are fine with lyrics like "Everything about you is so easy to love, they’re watching you from above" or "I don't love you and I never did" can imagine them releasing a song with those lyrics right now and everyone going "OMG! what a cheesfest!"
  10. I bought the TR box set just because of the 5.1 DVD, so it depends on what's on this one, I don't really care about vinyl and that stuff.
  11. I don't have a problem with him writing a song, I have a problem with him singing it One of the things that got me into Muse was Matt's voice and to me it's what defines part of their sound. It's true we haven't heard Chris sing an entire song, but as I said on the other thread, his backing vocals have never impressed me. Anyway, we'll see.
  12. From this ‏@WickedMuser person 01. Supremacy - 04:55 02. Madness - 04:39 03. Panic Station - 03:03 04. Prelude - 01:03 05. Survival - 04:17 06. Follow Me - 03:51 07. Animals - 04:23 08. Explorers - 05.48 09. Big Freeze - 04:41 10. Save Me - 05:09 11. Liquid State - 03:03 12. Unsustainable - 03:48 13. Isolated System - 04:59
  13. I'm working in an advertising agency, but the work I do daily is a lot more boring than this, hehe I'm using Photoshop, and apart from the obvious photo-montage all I do is colour adjustments I guess the TR cover is more shocking because of all the work was made on it, but I don't think the ones for The 2nd Law are less interesting, they have a lot of meaning, but considering some comments I'm not sure if I captured it too well?. The gas mask is the more obvious one, it represents how the society is feeling right now: vulnerable, trapped, naked, asphyxiated... And in the second one, she is like a Venus, as if she were born from oil, representing how much dependency we have of it... not sure if I'm making any sense Again, thanks for the comments
  14. It's obvious not everyone will like what you do but I wasn't expecting a discussion like this! Thanks to all for your nice comments
  15. Thanks for the comments I'm going to work a little bit more over the first one, I'm not happy with the gas effect.
  16. My attempt. Two versions of the same idea. The pictures used under the spoiler
  17. Ha! don't worry if Spain gets the 2020 Olympics, surely we will get something as amazing as this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_DDP7vvQgE
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