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    hmm... well i have loved muse since kinda Bliss era, heard all the songs, seen them 3 times. Ive been posting on a muse fansite for a few years now and thought i'd look into the official one....so here i am
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    Surrey, England
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    Playing guitars, listening to muse and placebo :D
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  1. hey mate, i've had all this stuff since i was younger than you! and i've treasured it for so long :)


    unfortunately though, i can't really sell it all as one - it's because of the postal and packaging costs and also because of the eBay rules - they really don't like it when you put something up on eBay and then withdraw it :(


    i would be glad to give discounts on P&P costs for people who win multiple items on eBay, maybe you could ask your parents to set up an eBay account and bid? that's what i used to do!!


    I really appreciate your interest, i've literally treasured these items for years. Dead Star/In Your World CD was the first single i ever bought! and i really don't want to let go of these things, but i don't have room for any of it anymore :(


    i hope you can work something out. good luck friend. thanks again,

    James x

  2. Hey, i'm VERY interested in all your stuff, actually i''ve tried to collect it myself, but i just haven't got the money, and i'm only 15, so i'm not allowed to buy things at ebay, i thought.. Maybe we could make up some sort of deal? Because i would DIE for your stuff...

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