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  1. only a couple of hours left if anyone's still interested. thanks for the interest everyone it's great to know that this stuff's still popular!
  2. I'm sure eBay does translate the currencies, at least it does for me - i've just bought a poster that was listen in US dollars and it translated it into UK pounds automatically. Regardless, I am using Paypal and i think that translates the currency automatically. I've got a large chunk of my (smaller) Placebo collection on there as well now if anyone digs the 'bo xx
  3. The best stuff there is either the DVD singles or the showbiz/origin of symmetry singles in my opinion, The DVDs have loads of random 'making-of' footage which is largely just the band messing around (2 or 3 of the newer DVD singles have like 10minute+ 'making of' videos), and some of it is REALLY funny. It's just like shorter versions of the Hullabaloo documentary. the older cd singles are really cool because they have transparent discs (you can just about see it in the photos) which ive never seen before or since. basically there is a normal cd bit right in the middle but the rest of it is just completely see-through. real original i think. obviously absolution tour dvd etc is completely brilliant as well but i generally assume that a lot of muse fans already have their live dvds. to be honest, its just fucking cool owning so many things like this, it's like a timeline. sigh...
  4. hey mate, i've had all this stuff since i was younger than you! and i've treasured it for so long :)


    unfortunately though, i can't really sell it all as one - it's because of the postal and packaging costs and also because of the eBay rules - they really don't like it when you put something up on eBay and then withdraw it :(


    i would be glad to give discounts on P&P costs for people who win multiple items on eBay, maybe you could ask your parents to set up an eBay account and bid? that's what i used to do!!


    I really appreciate your interest, i've literally treasured these items for years. Dead Star/In Your World CD was the first single i ever bought! and i really don't want to let go of these things, but i don't have room for any of it anymore :(


    i hope you can work something out. good luck friend. thanks again,

    James x

  5. hey guys, I would be glad to ship to anywhere in the world as long as these items are going to a good home! Assuming that P&P will be paid accordingly! the items will stay as individual lots though, it's a big deal for me to let go of these items. I replied to one of you who messaged me - i would be glad to give discounts on P&P for any user who wins multiple items, but nevertheless they are individual lots so each sale will go the highest bidder! I truly appreciate the interest, as i have said before - i really do want these items to go to true muse fans, i have treasured my collection for so many years and would not want them to be sold to people who don't appreciate them! over the years i have built up a small collection but i have a number of things i will NEVER sell - i was lucky enough to meet the band in 2005 at a private AOL music performance and managed to get all my albums signed AND matt's guitar pick and dom's drumsticks! they are the nicest guys in the world! let me know of any requests you have for anything i've got on ebay, i will do the best i can for real muse fans. thanks so much for your interest guys, it brings a smile to my face to know that im not giving this stuff away to nobodies james x
  6. Hello one and all, I'm moving out of my house and no longer have room for a lot of my Muse collection, so I am selling a large portion of it on eBay - all lots start at 1p. Most items are CD and DVD Singles from the Showbiz era right up to Black Holes and Revelations (example: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Muse-Muscle-Museum-CD2-original-release-1999-/200504025984?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CDsDVDs_CDs_CDs_GL&hash=item2eaef8a380 ). I would rather these items went to a true collector than some random eBayer!! all items are in excellent condition, please take a look if you are interested: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/muse505/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
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