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  1. Dom's playing is fucking boring. Why has it gotten so basic? The clip of his new double-bass pedal is misleading. I thought we'd hear some technical playing, something expressive that wouldn't be possible with a single pedal. Nothing of the sort. Matt's lyrics have taken a nosedive and have as much depth as a glass of water. The Handler is the only decent song so far, though the In Your World solo goes on for too long and isn't very creative.
  2. Seems a bit of shame at the effort and number of people going, for the set to only be 30 mins..
  3. I've never noticed your message, so if you're still around, a super-super late thank you! XD

  4. NOYiNNpV9q8 The crowd's dumbfounded expression here makes me lol. Pretty much everything by Shawn Lane blows my mind.
  5. I'm wondering this as well, there is no download link.
  6. Just make sure you bring your thumb way around the back of the neck of the guitar so your fingers spread. The more you do that stretch the easier it will be. You'll get it in no time, soon you'll be doing this easy!: 10-14-18
  7. !!!congratulations!!!:happy:


    (happy? if yes then good:happy: tuhudles:p phantom of the board ... or something like that...)

  8. Lol, reminds me of: SKMYeXkYcgs "You'll never be able to get anywhere close to what I sound like." "So tighten ya cheap bastards. You're too shit."
  9. Uhm, do you mean why is there a parental advisory?
  10. I play it how the tab book says, I know it's not how Matt does it but it is exactly the same so there's no fuss.
  11. 1) Wrong place to post. 2) Via a Fuzz Factory.
  12. I don't see why you'd want to buy all this stuff just to have the perfect tone for Stockholm Syndrome, I'm happy with using the effects on my Line 6 Spider 2, might not be exact but I'm fine with it.
  13. It's basically just the final riff at the end but faster. Just do that and keep going faster, it's simple. And I don't use any hammer ons or pull offs, I just alternate pick em.
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