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  1. Got a friends with two seated tickets. Selling face value. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  2. :eek: OHMAHGAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  3. Ril

    No, only gig I currently have booked up is that Arcade Fire around Christmas time. Congrats on his job! Birmingham is much better for gigs than Liverpool, plus Manchester and London are only short train journeys!

  4. Jaded

    I was moving to Liverpool, but now Elliots has a job in Birmingham, so I said I would move there...GIGS yay!! it's been so long, I shall join :D I am going to one next Friday in Birmingham, Crystal Fighters, you going?? xxx

  5. Ril

    I fhought you were moving to Liverpool? :confused: You'll have to join Birmingham Gig Club!

  6. Jaded

    OM you left me a messaaaage :) Ages ago....THANKS! I feel liked. Man is good....BUT I am going to be moving to BIRMINGHAM!! You will have to adopt me as I will know NO ONE in the area :(



  7. Ril

    Helloooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! What are you doing here? How's Man?

  8. I dont like being back Ste! :( The world is so much more interesting than the Isle of Manx!!! haha What you been upto anyway? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Jaded


  10. I am indeed, how did your round the world epic journey go? T'was fun seeing all your updates on the book of face :happy:

  11. I'm good! How are you? You still in Manc? I should be moving back to Liverpool in a couple-a months :) x

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