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  1. There was actually a free download of Citizen Erased and Megalomania included with the vinyl purchase but I am currently chasing the store as my Megalomania download is still pending/inactive/invalid etc etc (they say they have escalated it) Anybody else had this issue? I bought the rest of the album via iTunes
  2. I bought a set of vinyl around release time… 2 digital downloads were included of CE and Megalomania… I received the link to CE and downloaded that fine but Megalomania is still showing as pending… anybody else know anything?
  3. I really enjoyed the ST movie immensely, which I bought on Amazon Prime... it was done ever so well. I do hope that this will see a non-retro, non super deluxe release though ... the cassette tape and vinyl “content” is interesting but both these formats are pretty useless in our household, so the box set would just be a bulky and expensive toy really. Fingers crossed for a CD or MP3 release of the soundtrack etc etc
  4. I agree ... cannot wait to see the movie itself but I was not in the least tempted by the OTT, dare I say, gimicky special editions and so won’t be paying (a lot) for either box set... a deluxe blu ray would suffice.
  5. Same here... mine has also been dispatched now (after I was given the option to cancel as delivery delayed to Dec 19th-Dec 21st)... glad I didn’t cancel!! ... think Amazon were fast asleep in the starting blocks for these orders, but at least they have put it right now... we hope! Looking forward to all the previously unreleased material especially Newton Abbott demos and early live recordings...
  6. Amazon now pushing this set out to 1 or 2 months... unavailable, sold out everywhere else ... bit of a nightmare, this release???
  7. Exactly the same here. Very annoyed with Amazon as I placed the order on Sep 12th and actually shifted the order from HMV to Amazon based on them being bang on ref delivery. Also paid £121 so hard to cancel when more expensive everywhere now 😡
  8. Same here... as helpful as a chocolate kettle... at least I got tickets via using an earlier code customer services sent me.
  9. Phew!! Thankfully got a code sent from customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com at 9:22am , but LOL was with my little boy having his nursery class photo taken... that completed, he then decided to walk at far, far less than a snail’s pace on the way home... I could see the Muse tickets dripping away with every step but we got home eventually and managed to get tickets for the O2 London... 😃😃 Stress levels may be a few days coming down though with the missing code saga and all that followed it.
  10. I always hate it when websites suddenly get “improved” ... could have messed everybody up... the 9am sale may be a very quiet one
  11. No codes here for the 9AM sale either but I was sent them for all the previous Simulation Theory shows... had bought the boxset version and the basic CD version too, so had been sent duplicate codes before... now 🙄 EDIT... Seems like a flood of people aren’t being sent the codes they are entitled to... so a bigger flood for the 1pm sale then, adding to the frustration ... poor show from the Muse Store on this one.
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