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  1. Thanks! I'll message them. I hope so, it was the same username and everything but I guess with all the website changes it got lost
  2. Yes! I've been here over a decade and it erased my signature with all my shows
  3. My sister and I waited after the show hoping to see them leave and they stopped to say hello. It was really cool of them
  4. I guess I'm in the minority but I fucking loved the show. Also got to meet Matt and Dom and they were super kind and down to earth. Still stunned by such a fun night
  5. We just got the email, so check your emails! We're the premium level, not the enhanced experience. But I'd assume everyone is getting their emails regardless of the tier?
  6. I just heard back from my sister, she has not received anything either. 😕
  7. Okay, yeah I was thinking along the same lines too, an hour or so before. I just texted my sister (she's the one who ordered the tickets for us) and asked her. As soon as I hear from her, I'll let ya know. It's stange they haven't sent anything yet.
  8. My sister and I will be there. She got us vip. I haven't been to a Muse show in 6 years and that time we got in the queue early, I was second in. How early do vip queue up?
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