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  1. We received emails a couple of days before the even with timing details regarding how the crowds would be filtered in and what times. For those with VIP/Experience passes, check-in started at 3pm. Check in allowed you to get your wrist bands and the free box & poster. 4pm they opened the doors for the VIP/Experience guests and guided us to the pre-show party with the enhanced experience VR games and food and such. (the games were a blast). Those who had the VIP/Experience tickets were given a chance to be inside 2 hours before the doors opened up at 6pm for the general admission crowd. Around 5:30pm, they provided us the option to head up and get into line for early merch access. We were delayed a bit getting to the merch until like, 550-ish, but after merch, we were able to line up in a single row to head down to the floor. (Actually, the staff gave us all the option to go to merch or start making the line. I went for merch before the line, but regardless, I still was able to head down and stood on the side gate and was practically right in front of Matt with like, 3 to 4 rows of people in front of me.) The general admin doors opened up at 6pm, and I think those who came with the VIP access were (I believe) mostly all lined up and waiting to head down to the floor. The staff were good about organizing the lines to avoid chaos and everything flowed pretty smoothly.
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