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  1. Happy new year everyone! New song:
  2. Hey guys. We've put a new song out: ''Wonder''. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Hey guys. A new old song for you: ''The Boy From Memphis''. This song is about Elvis. The greatest singer of all time in my humble opinion.
  4. Hey guys. New song out: ''Stormy West''.
  5. Hello everybody. We've got a new song out called ''Desperate''. We tried to give an 80's feel to it. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  6. Delicious got a new demo out. It's called "Queen Of England''. ==================== This song was based on a film called ‘’King Charles III’’. It seemed an interesting subject to write about. I would like to clarify this is not a political statement. I've lived in England for a period of my life and have nothing to complain about. It’s just a fun song based on a fictional situation.
  7. Hi guys. We've got a new demo out. It's called ''Nocturnal''. Hope you like it. CIRCADIAN RHYTHM The Latin words circa diem translate to ‘about a day’. Circadian rhythms are pretty ancient. They are a result of life that evolved on a planet that rotates over a period of 24 hours. Being able to anticipate daily environmental fluctuations is remarkably useful, hence these biological clocks are virtually ubiquitous. Disrupting them causes complications. Circadian rhythms are therefore fascinating on a molecular, medical and evolutionary level.
  8. Hello everybody. I would like to introduce you to a musical project called Delicious Gace. We'rejust starting out. Our sound is based on multiple influences. I personally am a big fan of Muse and that's why we decided to post our song here. I hope you like it:
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