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Muse Uprising "Logo" T-shirt.


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Hello there.


I was at the Wembley performance on the 11th of September and unfortunately found myself too short on cash to be able to afford one of the t-shirts that were on sale.


I was hoping to find it amongst the tour items recently added to the store, but I've scoured the store and most of the internet, with little to no luck. I'm posting here as a last desperate attempt to shed some light on the situation, in hope that maybe something will turn up.


The T-Shirt is red, with the Uprising Triangle (Used by the rioters, on their banners and shirts, at the start of the Uprising Live performance) printed across the front of the shirt, whilst on the back it had "They will not control us".


So, anyone have any ideas on where this might be found? Is this something that's tour only? Or have they run out of stock and so aren't selling these at the online store?


Any information would be crazy cool, my thanks in advance.

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