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What we're up against

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Every thread
Brings me further
Unravels quickly
Takes me closer.
Who can doubt
The wisdom in having a spouse
The glimmer of a light
As a cat plays with a mouse?
I wish I had
A plan to hold at bay
I wish I was
I pluck at edges tattered and frayed.
And so it seems
Prudence falls apart from the seams
Every day brings new breath
Bruised, battered, betrayed.
And I laugh at intelligence
The brainchild so deceived
That those whose lives are measured beyond days
Are not broken, bullied beyond bursting and I said,
“If this is art,
Lap this up,
Every fragile second,
Pours forth from a broken cup
Rail and shout
Cast about
Maybe, just maybe you know
Romance is so perpendicular
It has a soul…”
I got away,
from my pattern of despair
Think I’ve realised
That I’m going nowhere.
It only matters
It never seems
That love has no boundary
Hate has no means.
And this is so,
This is so
Note the page turner
As I turn to go
Art breaks in the message
Mystification is not my meaning
I hope this is clear
Within, without,
Light cuts like the thorns of a rose
The moon fuels each swell of the sea
I was born with the data
The sorrows I suppliant will away from me.

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