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Starlight at T in the Park 2010 - Help


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Hi there everyone,


As you may know, some songs from this year's T in the Park Festival were broadcast on the BBC across the UK a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I've managed to get ahold of most of the footage in DVD quality, thanks to the awesome work of people over at MuseBootlegs, but there is one song that has alluded us so far, and that's Starlight.

The song was apparently broadcast on BBC2 Scotland during a highlights show, but no one on the website (as far as we know), was able to record it. I know it exists because of this.


Now my question to you is: does anyone here have a recording of this song that could be used for a DVD?

I don't mean a YouTube rip, I mean a genuine TV to DVD recorder, hard drive, even VHS recording, just so we can compile the most complete T in the Park 2010 DVD possible.


If you're able to help me out, please let me know.



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