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    Lots and lots of films. Too many films. And a lot of music.. I don't do much else note-worthy. I read lots of comics/Batman. I'm quite a geek..
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kasabian, Stereophonics, Madness, Green Day, White Stripes, Dead Weather, Raconteurs, The Kills, Little Boots, Gaga (hell yeah.. I'm not ashamed!)
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    The Evil Dead trilogy/most things with Bruce Campbell or directed by Sam Raimi, anything by Chris Nolan, esp. Batman flicks, A Clockwork Orange, 28 Days Later (mm Cillian <33), Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes (mmm RDJ <33), Leone's Dollar's Trilogy + many other Eastwood flicks (mainly westerns).
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    Comics/graphic novels, like a great big geek ;D
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    There's too much to put in this box... Srsly. I've wasted too much money.
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    2006-11-18, Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield, UK.
    2009-11-04, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK.
    2010-09-04, LCCC, Manchester, UK.
    2010-09-10, Wembley Stadium, UK.
    2010-09-11, Wembley Stadium, UK.
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  1. james jammmessss still no dvd where are you jamessss lol

  2. Have you tried contacting any of the staff through this website or anything? Probably not. It's not our fault if your account's gone to the shits. Send me a PM with your account details and I'll see what the deal is (I'm a mod there, if you didn't know.. I'm not just talking shit )
  3. Aussie's got a pwoper tour in 2007, where they got the best setlists on the entire tour They got Fury, RBS, CE, Bliss, B&H, CoD, Micro Cuts, The Groove (as intrumental). And I remember a few shows in 2004 in Aussie got amazing setlists, including Dead Star and The Groove (pwoper) and amazing riffage. Maybe it is 'cause they love it there but don't get to go often, I dunno. But they always get amazing setlists.
  4. And it's never reasonable for man to change his mind, hm? To try something and think, "actually, that doesn't work like it did in my mind.." As for touring in places, you KNOW they love touring and going as many places as possible. Maybe the times they CAN go there and the times available for them to go there don't match? Maybe, just maybe, they CAN'T do it with their times. To lose respect for someone you don't know for reasons that are unjustified is mighty pathetic. I'm quite often just a lurker in these things but deary me! All the ridiculous bitching over stupid things is causing me to rant today.
  5. Yes. You've heard I Belong To You, Neutron Star Collision, Ruled By Secrecy, Unintended, Soldier's Poem, Cave on this tour, all of which the Aussies most likely wont be hearing at all, except maybe one or two. So you're bitching because they're getting a couple of songs that you didn't get? It is fair. They've played rarities on each leg of the tour. Just because you might not prefer those rarities to others doesn't mean it's not fair. Europe last year: Unintended and Cave, plus MK a bit towards the end (one gig with B&H and Sunburn) JP: Dead Star and Sunburn, CTMEOY at one gig. BDO: Back In Black. USA: RBS quite a bit, MK a bit. Summer: NSC, IBTY, CE, Bliss, Unintended, SP, Cave at one gig, BIB at one gig, RBS one gig. USA: RBS a lot, plus others, first time the order of set is altered. Aussie: well, you get the idea. Fair. Simple as. Shush bitching.
  6. I already know what everyone's thinking; "Oh, ANOTHER multi-cam..." Yes, well, I do this out of mainly boredom, but also because I've been helping out creating DVD's for the fans for quite a while now plus I already have a positively received multi-cam behind me (Wembley 10th). So yeah, I wanted something to fill my time and wanted something from the towers stage design because we only have a webrip video of that so far, no DVD quality recording of one. So I chose a gig with the best setlist of the tour that I had footage of it offered to me from and there was an audio recording from (I started things going on this before the other nights insane setlist, fyi.. though Turin > Aussie, 'cause of SS and MotP. Justsayin'). Wanted to just do Sheffield last year 'cause I was there, but some guy on YouTube did that but never seemed to finish it s God knows what's happening. RIGHT. So, explanations aside, if you have any video footage of this gig that you'd like to contribute, send me a PM or reply here and I can get back to you, or you can find me on MuseBootlegs under the same username. I have one angle with another one on the way (as I understand) that make up the entire gig, so regardless of what I get from you all, there's a DVD coming. It's just up to you how good I can make it! Any help is appreciated! As with the Wembley DVD, you'll all be thanked and credited as much as I can and stuff. And unlike the Wembley DVD, this wont be my first attempt at a multi-cam so should hopefully turn out even better! And just to be clear; I'm not jumping on any bandwagon here, like a lot of people appear to be (no offence), I'm deadly serious and can't wait to get this project underway. Not doing it for attention or priase, just for the fans, those that were there those that are curious, and for myself, obvs. Cheers muchly in advance, Musers. Apologies for my ramblings! Hope you can help.
  7. Mystery


    Little late to the party, but, R.E. a multi-cam for this gig, I've said for probably the last two months now, that I really want to do it, if we get the footage/audio we need, but so far that hasn't happened. But rest assured, if it ever does, I'll be immediately on the project, no question. I wanted to do LCCC before Wembley 10th but wasn't really possible so, Wembley 10th took priority. I'll be attempting many more multi-cam's in the near future, though. LCCC is one I want to have a go at the most but if it never comes about, there'll be plenty of other stuff
  8. Mystery

    LCCC Bootleg

    Until something better comes along (hopefully!) I've patched together a full mp3 bootleg of the gig for people; http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EJHFQZ7H Pretty much just the tracks ripped from videos and up'd to MuseLive, but I altered them and ripped a couple different ones, equalized them a little and added the (kinda shitty - no offence James!) quality track between songs, which was provided to me by MrFartastic , so thanks to him, the ML uploader (ew, yes, I used ML for this.. the things I do for you fans!!) and the original tapers of the youtube videos, whom I don't have the usernames of. It ain't perfect, but it's listeanable, and I'm still hoping something better will surface. Starlight and Unnatural Selection are particarly.. bad, really. Oh and, the New Born outro riff sounds abolutely awful and bassy... But was the only video of it I could find. Tried to best to boost it but nothing worked with my amateur audio skills. Hope you all enjoy it somewhat, anyway. Tis the best I could do. P.S. MegaUpload is shit so if it says the file is unavailable, either refresh the page, or wait 5-10 minutes and it should be fine. It just does that alot because it's crap..
  9. LCCC Gallery is now on the official website: http://muse.mu/news/article/719/lccc-photo-gallery-online/ See, everything LCCC is taking ages to come around, but, obvs. 'cause it was too good... =p
  10. Just wanted to say, sorry for the delays in getting the audio to you guys. Something came up and yeah, we're either going to get a better quality audio boot or the DVD project might be back on (or both) so I'm hanging on a little, see what happens. If I've no more news by the weekend, I'll share what I have so far and keep hoping I can do something more afterwards. I'll keep you guys updated with what's happenening. I'm hoping like you couldn't imagine that I can still put a DVD together. I want to do this one more than I did my Wembley 10th one, but the no-audio source wrote it off. So yeah, we'll see. If you'll please bare with me a little longer
  11. Thank you all for your great response, so amazing to see Has anyone had trouble downloading it from MuseBootlegs at all? I'm just trying to decide whether I should upload somewhere else so that those unable to use torrents can see it, too, because I know they can be a bitch for some people. Let me know what the deal is and if need be, I'll .rar it and upload in pieces to MegaUpload or something like that. Glad you're all enjoying the DVD and once more, thanks to all those who helped
  12. DVD's great. Nice to see some love for the first night!

  13. Bit late to the show here guys but, some hopeful news for you bootleg seekers out there; I'm scraping together as much audio as possible from this show, inc. one complete but sub-par recording (which wasn't shared for that reason) that I'll attempt to touch to up and matrix with others where needed, for one entire seemless, complete bootleg. EDIT: No DVD, audio track not good enough. But I do have a full seamless audio boot now which I'll upload tomorrow once I've equalized and split the tracks (in mp3, so it'll be on a hosting site, not MB). Disappointed that it's not good enough for a multi-cam, but better than nowt.
  14. Glad people are having a positive reaction to my DVD! Makes all the effort worth it I want to do some more of these in the future so nice to hear people liked what I did. And I can only get better at it! Looking forward to the next one (and I wont just be doing gigs I'm at... a whole variety, I'm sure). That's the one thing in the audio track that bothered me xD It just comes out of nowhere! NO other chatting through the whole thing until suddenly, "HE'S ON FIIIIRE!" But it is good for laughs. hah
  15. Andddddddd we are live http://torrents.musebootlegs.com/details.php?id=589 Enjoy the DVD, guys and gals. If you contributed footage to the DVD please get in touch with me when you've done downloading Been a long job but I hope you think it'll be worth it. Cheers.
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