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Help a muser in need!


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Hola fellow Musers!


Thing is, they cancelled the gig here in Stockholm about a month ago; you can imagine the absolute and heartbreaking pain all of us Swedes had to go through!


ANYWAY, there's a competition going on for the Swedes and the winner gets to go to Helsinki in Finland (neighbour country, but I'm sure all of you beautiful and educated Musers already knew that ;-) ) and see Muse live there instead!


BUT, we need your help! In order to win, you have to create a Spotify playlist with your favourite Muse songs and the playlist with most subscribers wins!


So please, help a Muser in need by subscribing to this playlist:

direct link: http://open.spotify.com/user/megert/playlist/7tQ25C0Prjz9YAhbexaInL and I'll love you guys forever.


Just delete the playlist next week, the competition is over at July the 15th.


Remember, people; solidarity!


Cheers in advance.

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no I'm confused!

I went there but there's only an option to "like" it :wtf: It won't let me do anything else! :(


I got the same option.


I tried clicking on the Playlist by megert and got the following message:

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (spotify) isn't associated with any program.

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