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Muse Presets GR4 here


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Hello fellesh


The link will take you to a different forum where i posted the attachment. Sorry to make you bunny hop but im a tad lazy and the details are there.






Time is Running Out

Sing For Absolution intro, chorus, solo (live i believe with the capo @ 2nd fret)

Stockholm Syndrome, live

Hysteria chorus, solo, 2 bass variations


Supermassive Black Hole

Map of the Problematique, 4 variations

Invincible solo



New Born

Bliss intro arpeggios, chorus, solo

Plug In Baby, arpeggios


Sunburn intro arpeggios, chorus, solo

Muscle Museum intro, pre-chorus, chorus


MK Ultra intro, palm mute


Fury live

Dead Star



I think youll need to make an account there before you downlaod :( but to anyone who carries through i hope you enjoy. ;)

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