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Uprising Unofficial Music Video


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I have created a 'remix' of the Uprising Video (i.e. got rid of most of their visuals and added my own).

Really wanted to get it onto YouTube, but it got blocked by Warner Music Group :(


Here it is from my Facebook account though, I hope this works, I just want people to be able to see it!


Enjoy it!



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If it wasnt allowed to go on youtube by Warner thats because it infringes Copyright and Patents Act, which is against the law, so why did you upload it anyway:stunned:


Meh I didn't think they'd block it - there are other Muse videos on YouTube, so I thought it'd be okay...


Can anyone think of a way I can get this video onto the internet? and @undisclosed_desire I'm baffled, the video seems to be okay on my Facebook site - only other thing I can think of doing it uploading it to a site like Rapidshare.


Any other suggestions of how to get my video available?

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