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Time is running out live chorus


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during the concert at Rock Am Ring in Germany (2010) a doubt came up between some Muse fans because during "time is running out" in the third chorus Matt changes the lyrics. Instead of saying "you can't push it underground", he says something else. Well, I saw them in November in Lisbon and when that part came I honestly heard "you can't push the Lisbon crowd" (I assumed he changed the lyrics everytime they changed city). But during the concert in Rock Am Ring, I gotta say I heard exactly the same which led me to a question: "did Matt screw up? did he say 'lisbon' when he should say 'nürnberg'? or was I wrong even at lisbon?". That got me to think. Then I found the video on youtube and realized that lots of other people have the same doubt. He might have said "you can't push it underneath the ground" (which makes lots of sense!) but I still hear Lisbon and this is making me nuts! xD

I'm not really asking for opinions, what I want to know is if there's anyone that can tell me what he really says...someone with a good source. Thank you! ;)

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