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  1. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo :happy:

  2. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo :xmas:

  3. Finally gradma has some awesome socks to give!!
  4. Ewww summer! I like the cold better! :LOL:


    Hahaha and a crappy profile song sounds just perfect! :chuckle:

    Though you left me quite curious at to what song you might choose...


    Hehe may I have a hint??? :eyebrows:

  5. Enjoying the Summer xD


    About the bet...dunno really. Perhaps put a crappy song on our profile lol

  6. AAAAAANNNNNNDRRRRREEEEE where are you??? :(

  7. Well there's not much I can do to you from afar :chuckle: but how about the loser (you) :p

    changes their Myspace name into something reeeeeealllly embarrassing??? :D


    Hehe your turn Mr. Andre...any ideas??? :awesome:



  8. Until the end of this year you say eh??? :unsure:

    Very well then :p..hmmm I'll give them until Nov.or December somewhere in the holiday seasons! :xmas:

    Haha but how about me make this a little bit more interesting Andre??? ;)

  9. Matt...Kate...until the end of this year...I´m in!!

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