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Muse behind stage tickets


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Hi guys,


I got a couple of tickets to the Melbourne Muse concert today, and I got tickets that are behind the stage. I'm pretty close to the stage though, which is reallllly good!!

I've never been to a concert where people sit behind the stage...


So my question is.. Am I going to miss out on much (apart from the supporting act)? Caus they'll have their back turned to us, and all the lasers and stuff will be projected out in front of us, not at us.


Anyone know?


Cheers :stongue:

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I was at the side/ slightly behind when I saw them at the O2 arena. Yes I was looking at the boys' backs for most of the show but Matt does use the whole stage and tries to include the people seated behind.

It looks like you'll be getting the towers if they're selling tickets at the back so your view shouldn't be too obstructed. For example during the piano songs you'll get a side view of Matt, same as the people in front.

Also the drum riser revolves so you'll get to see Dom, plus Chris during the drum and bass jam if they do it.

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