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Muse Tattoo


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Ok so theres probably some threads about tattoos to do with muse on here somewhere but i wanted to start a new one to get feedback on my ideas.


One idea was to get a few shadows from the absolution cover on my should floating from the back over to the front.


Idea two is the shadows that walk up the stairwells that have been used on the Resistance tour, was thinking about having the stairwell wrapping around my arm just from above the elbow and going upwards.


Anyone else had ideas along these lines? Or similar ones.

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thats really cool!


but yes there is a tattoo thread "the super mega muse tattoo" thread. might wanna go in there, people always give responses :)

Yea I didn't really look just rushed in to get a quick response while messing on some other sites. It was only like 4 down xD. Cheers ^^

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