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Resistance Tour DVD

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Is there any MUSE fan willing to give me any videos they have of songs played live in the resistance tour? I would also like vids of riffs n jams or any other tour stuff

i'm working on a dvd with one disc of main set and some extra songs which werent played so much, and another disc with a medley of riffs n jams from the festivals muse played in, plus a slideshow gallery

in a mo i will post a list of song videos i need, from the correct location next to it!

I'll explain more if anyone wants to help. If so, email me at darksystemofficial@hotmail.com



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Here is a list of stuff i would need. I know some locations of videos are in the future summer shows, but i really want to make a dvd with THE WHOLE resistance tour, plus im building up a whole big dvd. All contributions welcome, all will be credited, no matter how big or little the contribution

the stuff i need:


EDIT - As they seem to start playing new/different set lists for the summer shows, the main set on the disc will probably include stuff like Take a Bow, Neutron Star Collision etc. just send me as much as you can from what has happened so far in the tour and stuff that is coming in future shows. you get what i mean (i hope)



We Are The Universe INTRO (@ Hovet)

Uprising (@ The Den)

Resistance (@ The Den)

New Born (@The Den)

Map of the Problematique (@ Hartwall Arena, Finland)

Supermassive Black Hole (@ Pavilhao Atlantico, Portugal)

MKULTRA (@ Birmingham NIA)

Interlude + Hysteria (@ Seoul Olympic Park)

Nishe (@ Nagoya Aichi Taiiku-Kan)

United States of Eurasia (@Nippon Budokan)

Helsinki Jam (@ Sydney Showgrounds)

Starlight (@ Flemington Racecourse)

Time is running out (@ Claremont Showgrounds)

Undisclosed Desires (@Gwinnet Centre)

Guiding Light (@ Madison Square Garden)

Feeling Good (@Wachovia Centre)

Plug in Baby (@ Foro Sol)

Unnatural Selection (@Stade de Suisse)

Exogenesis Symphony Part 1 (@ Goffertpark)

Stockholm Syndrome (@ San Siro)

Man With A Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia (@ Wembley Stadium)



Cave (@ o2 Arena)

Sunburn (@ Hong Kong Asia World Expo)

Ruled by Secrecy (@ Seattle KeyArena)

Unintended (@ o2 Arena)

Citizen Erased (@ Summer Show 2010)

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (@ Nippon Budokan)

Dead Star (@Nippon Budokan OR one of the summer shows)

Bliss (@ One of the summer shows)

Butterflies & Hurricanes (@ one of the summer shows)

ExoGenesis Part 2 (@ Summer Show)

ExoGenesis Part 3 (@ Summer Show)

Fury (@ Summer Show???)

I Belong To You (@ Stade De France possibly? if not use footage from gig secret gig in paris)

Neutron Star Collision (@ Summer Show, if played)

Popcorn (@ The Den)




• If what Matt/Dom says is true about a Glastonbury Collaboration, include it.

• Include a Medley of Riffs and Jams from all the festivals (Glastonbury, Coachella, Rock Im Park, Rock Werchter etc.)

• Include an Introduction to who the support acts are/were (with about 2-5 seconds of footage from any of their gigs, not necessarily MUSE)

• Also, if needed, show footage from Lancashire County Cricket Ground

• Include galleries from the tour

• Interviews from during the tour?? E.g. Big Day Out Interview, taratata, glasto, Coachella etc. Also fan pictures with the band etc.


Thanks in advace for anyone who wants to help. If you have stuff email darksystemofficial@hotmail.com



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