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Muse in Nashville - 3/15/10

My Unintended xx Becca

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Sooo, I've been lurking around the bootleg area for a while hoping something from Nashville would pop up but nothing has so far...


Instead, I'll just start this off myself by asking - Did anyone get anything from the Nashville show? (Video/Audio) Thankss! :).

Erm. I have really crappy quality videos.


MK Ultra:

Time Is Running Out:


New Born:

Matt Unknowingly Being Recorded:


If you are going to watch any of them, I recommend New Born b/c that is when he gets super close to me besides on the last link. I decided to be very sketch/borderline stalkerish and recorded him will he was a mere 2 inches beside me. The quality when uploaded to youtube declined significantly, but you can still hear his voice. Haha.

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