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Media Player gets stuck - bug? or just me?


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Hi there,


I regularly switch the MUSE media player on to listen to whilst working (it is fab, but that's not the point :LOL:) My usual choice is the entire HAARP album.


Literally every time I play it, it gets stuck, at the exact same place, just before MOTP starts. The only way to fix it is to press the > button to skip to B&H. This has been going on for months.


I am normally using IE6, I'm pretty sure it happens if I use Firefox too. Thats on XP. At home I have Vista/IE7 and I think it might also happen there but need to check.


I seem to remember there's another album this happens on. I think it might actually be the beginning of the Resistance, or something...


Thanks! This has been spoiling my muse enjoyment for months...


sools :p


PS did a quick board search on "media player" and couldn't spot anything... forgive me if this has already been mentioned.

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