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Mission Statement; international versions of same

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[continuing from the group description above]


Yes, all this will require the mods to do a little extra work. In Banter, they would have to crack down on the rudest there who have freely engaged in bully tactics to gang up on Americans (and probably some other foreign nationals) when they have dared initiate Banter-appropriate, if internationally concerned, threads there. And/or in International, the mods would have to form sub-fora for countries where Muse fans form separate threads along geographical, cultural, occupational, or other lines.


We encourage Muse fans from other countries, who also feel that their needs are inadequately met by the way this board is organized and administered, to establish similar social groups along the Equal Representation model, as they see fit, and under whatever avatars are culturally relevant to them. Such groups will have natural friends and allies in us.

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