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Poem inspired by 'Thought Contagion'


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Thought Contagion


Getting rife,

getting out of hand,

spreading out

across the land;

these thoughts,


but so


Just one bite,

all it takes,

for a zombie

it does make.

Hunger for power,

spreading what’s false,

roaming the streets,

taking it’s course.

Thought contagion


mental confusion,


No escape,

no where to go


won’t overthrow;

false beliefs

now running through

the heads of them,

the minds of you.

Bitten by that

true believer,

really no more

than a deceiver.

One solution,

all that’s left

to eradicate

the total mess

of that madness...






Many other Muse inspired writes can be found on Booksie.Com

profile https://www.booksie.com/users/hullabaloo22-171418

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