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Question for band or management...


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Hello. I'm not sure where the best place to post this would be so my apologies if this isn't the best place. I have a good friend who is a huuuge Muse fan and is a photographer (a damn good one) and helps run his dads small town newspaper in Ohio.


Well he was on his way home from work and decided to shoot some lightning and just so happened to come up on an officer who had pulled someone over for a traffic stop and decided he would get some pics of that as well (he is constantly taking shots of police and firefighters, etc and shining a good light on them and showing all of the good they do in the community.) Well the officer saw him reaching in his jeep to get something after setting up his camera and tripod and thought he had a gun and shot him twice. He is going to be ok but it's a crappy situation for sure.


It was a pretty big story here in the states. But like I said he is a huge Muse fan and so I'm wondering if anyone knows anyone that I can get in touch with about maybe getting a signed picture or something to help lift his spirits or something. It would mean a lot to him. He doesn't know I'm writing this. Just trying to think of something nice to try to help him emotionally. Thanks a lot. If anyone can be of any help that'd be fantastic. Here is The Young Turk's covering it so you know I'm not full of crap haha. Thanks so much!


My email is identitydevice@gmail.com


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I'm an Italian fan of Muse and I want to celebrate the band through a new show of my amateur musical theatre company with their sound.

Probably the lyrics can transforming because the translation and the adaptation to the plot. I writing here because I want to be sure that we will not face legal problem with rights. Obviously we'll pay for Muse authors dues.

I'm not sure this is the right place for this request but if you can answer me something

Thank you

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