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Please help me to get this message to the guys in time for Leeds festival


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I'm really not sure where I should send this message, could you guys help me to get it to the attention of the band please? An email address that isn't just website support would be brilliant, thank you for your time and attention guys.



All the way back in 2006 my sister, Julie, told me she had managed to get us Muse tickets as my birthday present. I have never been so excited about seeing a band, Muse were the first band to make me sit up and listen in years, and every track that was released just made me love them more.


17th November came around and Julie and I set off to Nottingham. There was a bad accident on the way down, and we got there too late for the support act (a running theme for us) so we arrived at the gig and went to check out the merch, I wanted a cute little Muse hat. We spotted Muse knickers, ooo have to have those. Bought ourselves large knickers, while pointing out to the poor merch guy I'm only a size ten, why are you making me be a large, make bigger knickers! They barely fit, he was right, I was indeed a large (sigh).


The gig was stunning. Matt barely spoke the whole night, at one point clapping his hands, then clapping twice, one more single clap, then three together. The crowd knew exactly what they were being asked, and continued to clap out the beat to Starlight. When the first note of Plug In Baby started, I cried with sheer delight. I turned to Julie and said, look, can't hold in the tears I'm so happy, and she called me a drama queen and laughed. At one point they released huge see through balls filled with pink feathers, which bounced around the crowd. Chris might remember this moment also, as when one was bounced onto the stage, he hit it with the neck of his bass, and the ball burst, showering him in pink feathers. It was a perfect Kodak moment, he looked around as if to say, did you guys see that? and we all squealed with delight. I had never found Matt attractive prior to this gig, but afterwards I wished I was a guitar so he could pick me up and play me like that. I loved every second, and we vowed to see Muse again on their next tour.


Afterwards we visited a friend whom we had arranged to stay with for the night. The Muse knickers came out, and we modelled them (over our jeans) for a photo which we sent to another friend. Sadly the photo is lost now, two women bent over, faces looking round at the side, grinning in our too tight knickers (yeah yeah, large knickers, we were size 10s!). I feel like if I still had the photo, you would certainly be reading this to the end, it was a cracker.


In years to come we never managed to get tickets to see the band for so many tours. Every time I heard there were tickets they were sold out, then eventually came Drones, and I caught the presale (I've been a memember of the website ever since Origins was released). The tickets were £70. I'm tight fisted, this price was way higher than I expected so I was off on facebook having a moan. Julie messaged me and said she had heard Muse put all the money into the production, often making a loss on tours because the staging is so elaborate, and if I had a code for tickets, get her one so we could go together again.


And so the hunt was on, for standing tickets (got to be down in the action) at a weekend date (Julie was a teacher and so couldn't be away midweek). So frustrating, tickets dissapearing fast, weekend dates going sold out, gutted and not getting tickets. Then you announced extra dates, Birmingham on a Saturday, tickets ordered and bought, buzzing!


Once again we set off together to see Muse play, super excited, Oxley lasses on a road trip :-) Our hotel was by a canal, we walked into town, got food, spoke to a wonderfully interesting homeless guy who asked for nothing but a smile from us and headed back to change for the gig.


True to form we missed the support band again, Nothing But Thieves, who I had been excited to see also. We got into the arena just as they finished, and weaved our way to a spot where us midgets could see the stage.


The gig was amazing beyond words. The animations on the silk screens were awesome. The drones flew above us. The band played to perfection. The point where Matt and Chris stood on the podiums seemingly being operated by giant puppet hands looked so realistic. When Chris and Dom battled, with Chris standing up on the drum riser, such a red hot moment, were we really allowed to watch? And then of course, Plug In Baby and the traditional tears from the drama queen ;-) What a night, we walked back to the hotel still thrilled by the experiance.


I will be coming to see Muse play once again in August at Leeds festival. Sadly this time I can't go with Julie, as she was murdered on the 27th June. Her husband is held charged with her murder. When we said goodbye to her we played Starlight, the words meant so much to us, we were unable to touch her due to contamination of evidence, and I just wanted to hold her in my arms. I don't know if the guys will get this in time, but if you do, and if you are willing, would you please dedicate a song to her at the gig in Leeds, it would mean a lot to me.


With love, and contining admiration and respect,


Jane Oxley (aka Janey Smash)

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We did, and the guys played starlight, threw the big balloons into the crowd too. Matt said something after it, I couldn't make it out, it could have been for Julie, so I going to believe it was til I'm proved wrong. Thank you for you kind words Gemsy, the love we have felt from strangers has been overwhelming and beautiful, one of the few positive things in a hurricane of hurt.


I totally wore pineapples the whole festival, rebel at every turn :-)

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