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Look to trade Philly floor GA tickets for NYC floor GA tickets.


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I had gotten 4 tickets to the show in Philly because my days off are Sunday and Monday, so it would just work out better. In addition i was going to bring my GF, my sister, and her GF.


My GF broke up with me, my sister's GF broke up with her, and my sister has to have knee surgery the week before the concert. When my GF broke up with me I moved to Brooklyn, and live about 15 minuets away from Barcalys. So days off are no longer an issue.


I know the NYC show tix were like $10 more, so i can throw in some money. I am really just looking for one ticket to Barclays that is not at marked up StubHub prices. I am willing to trade or buy.


Thanks for any help!

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