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24min Drones documentary on German TV


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Last night at 1:15am they showed a little documentary/advertising section on our VOX channel.


Apart from getting details wrong here and there and the voice-over guy not even bothering to translate Matt properly, it has been quite nice and much better than what we're used to around here :LOL:


I couldn't transfer my recording directly to the computer so I recorded it with my cam and already uploaded and english sub-titled the first half.

Sorry for the half-assed sub-titles, it would have taken too much time to do it properly. I didn't leave out anything that you didn't already know and I didn't fool around with the interview sections.


Part 1:



Part 2 still has some major issues with youtube and copyright so I'll have to mute some of the new tracks in it and hope it will let me upload it as well. With sub titles and everything I don't know when I'll be able to post it, if at all :mad:


But also, I still hope someone with actual technical know-how will upload the whole thing properly any time soon :D



After having some confusion on the german thread I think I gotta point out just in case:

If you DON'T see any english translations you've got to turn on the annotations

(NOT the actual sub titles though that might be fun).

Simply click on the little wheel and you'll get a selection of stuff to choose from.

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As far as I know you can only upload torrents there. Neither do I wanna figure out how to do that nor do I wanna seed it (had legal trouble bc of it before).


Right now I muted and fast-forwarded the really long music vid sections the 2nd part had in it (2xMercy, Handler, SmBH, UD, KoC... one might think they needed some fillers to get their 25minutes :LOL:). It doesn't take away from the content and you'd at least be able to get a look at how well or how badly a job they did.


And something to look forward to:

The second part has Dom in the red costume playing the massive drum and has him talk about wanting to throw chairs out the window :eyebrows:


Still hoping for a HQ upload from someone though but it doesn't look good because we only learned about this documentary some days ago so probably only a handful of people recorded it :(

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Behold the product of what might potentially be wrong with the music industry. The Upload had both audio and video claims so being pretty much fed up I ended up probably muting more than I would have had to. Hope you still enjoy it, though it's got no real news:




Also: After having seen the Yogaku Express Interview which was used for this documentary as well I just gotta point out again that you better don't take my interview translations quite that literally. The speaker was a lazy cunt who technically didn't (yet) put words into their mouths but didn't bother to translate them with the necessary care either :rolleyes:


EDIT: One annotation had the wrong time stamp but I corrected it now. Let me know if there's something else that doesn't work.

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