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Novella inspired by 'Psycho' and 'Dead Inside'


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I have self published an e-book novella on Amazon Kindle, called Dekka 2.

Normally it costs 99p but it is on free promotion 11/6 up to and including 15/6 if anyone is interested in reading it for nothing.

Initially it was inspired by my first two listens of 'Psycho' but developed further with the release of 'Dead Inside' and became approx 37,500 words long. This is the first time I have written anything this length and would love to get some sort of feed back.

My pen name, Liz Devlin, is derived from my mother's name - just thought it sounvded better than my real one.

I've read that writing threads do not tend to get a lot of interest on here but I'm giving it a go anyway. I'd really like some response as I've another planned, inspired by 'Reapers' and 'The Handler'.


Here's a link to the book.




As I said before it is completly free from today until monday.

You can read this on a kindle, or any computer/mobile with the kindle application, downloadable from amazon.

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Well, 17 went over the five days. I don't know if any of you guys got hold of one but if so I'd really love some feedback.

I've started the next one, provisionally titled 'Target' but I've still got a long way to go. ;)

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