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Anybody think the songs were good, bad, etc? I know it's not Muse but I put a lot of work into the songs.


I just started listening to Muse about a month ago. I never knew they were out there until then. I play guitar, some classical piano, bass, etc, and thought if I worked hard enough, I could have been something with the music. Matthew Bellamy's song writing really hit home because of its complexity, harmonies, arpeggios, and depth. The songs on my link are more guitar oriented because a friend wanted me to do a more guitar oriented CD. I tried to use the keyboards as little as possible on this CD.


Anyway, if you listened, thanks and let me know what you thought. I will admit, I am no vocalist but had no one else to work with on the CD so I did what I could with my limitations.

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You get into some nice grooves, especially on Storm and Another Promise, but I feel that, on most of your songs, you want to have some more stuff going on. It's up to you in the end, though - it's your music!



Your vocals sounded best on Hurts As Much, maybe focus on singing in that sort of style and key. :)

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