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  1. Cave back when it first came out, but was not what I was looking for at the time. Then in 2014, I heard Uprising at a bar on the jukebox and the youtube search started. Now I have all of their CD's and a bunch of DVD's. I even talked our band into playing Uprising live, and I sang it! It was a big deal because I had never sang solo before since we have a female singer. No keyboards that night either, just me, a drummer, and a bass player. It was at the same bar I heard it the first time and evidently the girl who had played it on the jukebox was there because she loved it!
  2. That's the way I felt. It was difficult to choose a least favorite on the albums. May be easier to choose a favorite, well, maybe not now that I think about it.
  3. Showbiz - Escape OOS - Feeling Good Absolution - Endlessly Black Holes and Revelations - Soldier's Poem The Resistance - I Belong To You The 2nd Law - Unsustainable Drones - Don't have it yet!
  4. What amazes me about Bellamy is his ability to switch from keys to guitar and back and make very few mistakes, oh, and sing while he's doing it all. I play guitar and though he's no Buckethead, Satriani, Vai, or Bonamassa, he's very polished and entertains quite well while holding down the rhthyms and singing. Bellamy is a true artist. Also, overshadowed by Bellamy's performing, Chris and Dom are quite good at what they do as well and the band is tight. They have obviously put in thousands of hours of rehearsal and performing in order to play at their level.
  5. So sad, will put Bellamy, you, and your wife in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. As far as Geddy Lee's vocals, I wish he could still scream like he did on Hemispheres and before. Find a version of Garden Road and let your ears bleed from Ged's nasal-scream! Alex Lifeson taught me how to play guitar where Jimmy Page and Angus Young left off. Rush will always be one of my favorite bands as well.
  7. I was playing a gig one night with my band and "Uprising" began to emit from the juke box as we were packing up our instruments. I really liked it and asked our keyboard player who it was. He told me and I struggled to remember the next day but somehow did and stumbled upon a few of their videos. I quickly discovered, Muse is for real! Great songs, great live perfmormance, etc. Once I bought all of their CD's and DVD's, I remember hearing "Cave" years ago but I did not appreciate what they had to offer as much back then. They are now one of my favorite bands along with Rush, The Cure, Pink Floyd, and Hooverphonic.
  8. 1. Micro Cuts 2. Ruled By Secrecy 3. Space Dementia 4. Plug In Baby 5. Super Massive Black Hole 6. Knights of Cydonia 7. Uprising 8. Take A Bow 9. Animals 10. New Born
  9. Hey! I just downloaded the "Live in Madrid" concert from a link you had a while back. Do you have any other good sounding concerts or even videos? I am late in the game because I just started listening to Muse about a month ago. I cannot believe I have been missing them all these years but when you live in the south east USA, you get flooded with country, rock, country-rock, and rap. I have been a fan of Rush, The Cure, Hooverphonic, Siouxsie, Lush, Sing Sing, Portishead, and more bands like that. But Muse is in a league all of their own.

    Anyway, thanks for the listen.

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