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12 Days of Christmas - Submissions

the aurora

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Greetings, Musers! Remember last year around Christmas time when Santa forgot you all and you didn't get any Advent Calendar or 12 Days of Christmas? Dry those eyes for this year you shall not get internet coal! This year, we will be doing something different that involves you. Yes, you! Get your creative juices flowing and send in your submissions. This should involve any Muse, forum, or member related incident that has happened in 2014.


1. Submissions should be 600x400 pixels

2. PM your submissions to myself (unless you hate or don't trust me, PM another mod)

3. Deadline will be December 3, 2014 at 11:59pm GMT


Examples from 2012:







After the deadline, all submissions will be considered for a spot in the 12 Days of Christmas. Any questions, let one of us way-too-busy-to-come-up-things-on-our-own mods know. Cheers!

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