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The 2nd Law Tour for Photographers

06 16

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Has anyone professionally shot The 2nd Law Tour? I can't seem to find any recent photos other than the ones posted on the official website. Looks like no one has uploaded anything to Flickr and Google search gives me only promo shots and cell phone pics. This has given me some doubts, as I will most likely shoot them at their show in Mexico City (I work with the promoters :D). For what I've seen, I believe it is a pit shoot rather than from the soundboard as in the Resistance Tour.


1. Do they make you sign photo releases?

2. If it's the standard 3-song rule, does the pyramid come down in time for us? Thinking we are allowed to shoot the first three.

3. Most importantly, do they give sticker passes? or just a regular wristband? I love collecting stickers :happy:


Have you shot the band recently? How was your experience? I'm really, really looking forward to it. I already have my tickets!

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