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Verify Minneapolis Ticket Purchase


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Hello, internets.


My girlfriend got me/us tickets to Muse for Christmas (she's pretty awesome), but I just realized she got them off of Stubhub rather than Ticketmaster, and now we are wondering if they are genuine when we researched how Muse is only paperless tickets through Ticketmaster. Tickets were for March 7 Minneapolis, MN concert. The tickets, seemingly bought off of Ticketmaster, have been received by her. Is there a way to verify if they are legit before we raise a stink?


Thank you much,



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No need to apologize! But (and excuse me), that answer doesn't make sense...


Let's say that the ticket is good. If I ask Stubhub they'll say that all they do is to match up buyers and sellers and can't authenticate sales (how could they? it would be financially unfeasible), and the seller will truthfully say that it is good, which I will not be able to verify by myself until we show up and try to get in...


Let's say that the ticket is bad. If I ask Stubhub they will again say that all they do is match up buyers and sellers and once again can't authenticate sales, but (usually) will also say that if I can come up with proof that it is bad that they will refund. I ask seller and they, having already lied to us once, will in all likelihood lie again and say that the ticket is good. This would leave me nowhere until after I try to get into the concert, leaving me with a very frustrated night. See the dilemma? By myself, I can verify nothing, neither through Stubhub nor through the reseller.


Now, *someone* should be able to tell us 1) if the ticket is good and/or 2) if tickets for this venue are only being sold paperless through Ticketmaster and all any other apparent tickets must be a forgery. Maybe no one will tell me #1 until the night of the concert (though they would technically be able to, because how could they know whether to let me or anyone in at the concert unless they have the information of what tickets look like stored away somewhere right now? And they must have that information already, as most/all tickets are already sold...), which would suck but c'est la vie. However, someone somewhere should know the answer to #2, though maybe contacting those people/that person is impossible. Nevertheless, I figure I should try :)


Hope this makes sense! Not trying to be passive aggressive, just trying to figure this out if I can :)





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The paperless tickets for MN weren't 100% of the tickets - they were just a way higher percentage than a lot of the other gigs that used this method.


So, while it would be very difficult for anyone to verify if they are real or not, there's no reason to worry yet - unless you have floor tickets.


GA, 109-113, and 129-133, I believe, were ALL paperless, so if it's in those sections, I would contact Stubhub and let them know you are worried about fraud.

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