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A fashion collection inspired by Muse? Here you go!


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Hi, everyone!

In 2011 I designed and sewed this fashion collection for my final project in fashion school.

Go check it out on my blog:



I also have some Muse-inspired Art there...


Comment and let me know what you think!

Does anyone know an email address of Muse or their management? I want to send them the link so they know...

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Thanks so much!


I already did -if you go to Projects - A fashion collection inspired by Muse - Designs inspired by Muse songs.

Here is the direct link:




I do have some more still, but they are just rough sketches. I set up my blog only last week, so I know that I have to organize it better, so people see connections between sites at once...


I also wrote a page about how I design fashion to music (I added some color compositions for some songs) here:


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