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2013.01.11 - Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan


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Hi everyone


This is my first post here. I'm an exchange student from the UK studying in Tokyo. Me and my American friend bought tickets for the Muse gig in Saitama Super Arena, so excited! I haven't seen Muse live before.


What's your favourite Muse song?

Is anyone else going to this gig? We're going on Saturday the 12th. Kind of annoyed because we got really rubbish seats but I'm sure the music will still be fantastic.


Thanks for reading :happy:



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Hi igirisupoppy


I'm from NZ and will be in Japan during their concerts in Saitama.


I really want to purchase tickets to the Japan gigs but I'm having trouble navigating through the website and what I actually need to do and what happens with the tickets.


Can you please give me some advice and tips regarding purchasing these tickets for foreigners who aren't living in Japan.







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I'm in Japan on holiday and got a ticket for tomorrow's gig.

Anyone in Tokyo traveling up to the venue?

Would love to have some company, and also make sure I get to the right place!






Im in Tokyo and got tickets for both days.


Keihintohoku, Utsunomiya and takasaki lines stop Saitamashintoshin Station(near station of the venue)

Shonan-Shinjuku line don't stop Saitamashintoshin.


Support act is Champagne from Japan(only 11th). they start at 18:00 JST(UTC+9), Muse start at 19:00 JST.

Tour merchandises are sold from 15:00 on 11th(14:00 on 12th).

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It was so good to see them live again. I haven't listened to Muse much lately but there is still no way I could miss their live. I've also become less critical (not to say that the gig was bad, because this tour is so much better than Resistance one imo!) what comes to concerts, setlists and so on, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a Muse concert this much :D


I went to both Friday and Sat concerts and the fact that they played Bliss and even something from Showbiz made me so freaking happy I wanted to cry. Not to mention Redemption with the awesome Japanese animation. Fun fact: they played this video last year on these big screens in central Tokyo (along with Madness) and it was magical then and even better live :D


I also really like going to concerts in Japan where the crowds are not as aggressive as, I dunno, anywhere else, and everyone's just having a good time. My previous Muse concert in Finland had been pretty much ruined by the shitty crowd.


I had a great time and I really have to see them again in SummerSonic. Even considering traveling to Osaka as well :D



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Saw them both days as well, both concerts were equally epic.


As much as I didn't like Unsustainable on the recent album, it's a great opening song live to get people hyped up. Rest of the songs from the album played live were great.


I was really surprised that they played Exogenesis - Redemption on Friday and played Sunburn (piano version) on Saturday. I recorded both videos, but apparently, when you record vertically on my phone, it comes out as a horizontal video. I thinking about uploading them, but maybe once i fix their camera angle.


Crowd was great....except when Matt came down during Undisclosed Desires, then everyone went crazy and rushed forward. Both days, I was three rows away from sorta meeting him, but oh well, no good. :p


I even tried to give it a shot to meet the band after the concert, but also no good. I by chance walked by the exit of which their garage was. There were a couple other dudes outside waiting also to meet them/autograph, but guards said (in polite Japanese way) to stand back, then they drove off. Busy guys, off to the next gig. Oh well, heh, I got to see them live twice, better than nothing (however, of course it'd be cool to meet the band).

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