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  1. Showbiz Cave Sunburn (x3) Unintended Origin of Symmetry Bliss (x4) Citizen Erased Feeling Good (x5) Hyper Music New Born (x7) Micro Cuts (x2) Plug In Baby (x14) Space Dementia Absolution Apocalypse Please Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes (x2) Hysteria (x12) Interlude (x7) Sing for Absolution Stockholm Syndrome (x9) Time is Running Out (x14) Black Holes and Revelations Invincible (x2) Knights of Cydonia (x13) Map of the Problematique (x8) Soldier's Poem Starlight (x14) Supermassive Black Hole (x14) Take a Bow (x5) The Resistance Exogenesis: Symphony I (Overture) (x3) Exogenesis: Symphony III (Redemption) Guiding Light (x2) Resistance (x5) Undisclosed Desires (x7) United States of Eurasia (x3) Unnatural Selection Uprising (x12) The 2nd Law Animals (x3) Explorers (x2) Follow Me (x4) Liquid State (x5) Madness (x7) Panic Station (x5) Supremacy (x4) Survival (x4) The 2nd Law: Isolated System (x5) The 2nd Law: Unsustainable (x6) Unsustainable (x4) Drones Dead Inside (x2) Mercy (x4) Psycho (x4) Reapers (x2) The Globalist The Handler (x2) Simulation Theory Algorithm (x2) Algorithm (Alternate Version) (x2) Break It To Me (x2) Dig Down (x2) Pressure (x2) Propaganda (x2) The Dark Side (x2) Thought Contagion (x2) Other Agitated (x2) Dead Star (x2) Can't Take My Eyes Off You Futurism Fury Nishe (x2) Pray (High Valyrian) (x2) Yes Please (x3) A bit of an update with the new album ^_^
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