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Welcome to the new Creativity forum!

Super Sammy!

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Creativity forum. It's not really that new, we've just taken Arts and Poetry and given it a bit of a spit polish.


What does the new forum encompass, you ask? Seeing Arts and Poetry was quite a pretentious name suggesting only arty and poetic things could be posted, we've changed the name to represent what it should be and added in a couple of new things. Basically, anything creative you can think of can be posted here, Muse or non-Muse. Paintings, photography, cartoons, stories, poems, drawings, anything of the sort. The only things not allowed are fan-fiction, slash fan-art, slash photo manipulations (no naked Dom caressing Matt, please :noey:) and as always nothing about the band members' private lives. They're a big no-no on this site. If you do post any, it'll just get deleted so don't waste your time.


Only the larger threads in Arts and Poetry have been moved over so we could give it a cleanup. If your thread didn't make it over to the new forum and you wanted it to, send me a private message and I'll get it sorted for you.


So! Happy posting, enjoy the new(-ish) forum and hopefully you Musers can blast a bit of life into a forum that really needs some TLC. I know there's some extremely creative people out there! Cheers :D

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