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Hey you Crazy Kids: The Evolution

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They are crazy.

They are musical genius.

They had created the best songs ever.

Music is their life.

They made us love brie cheese.

They made us love Belldom.

They made us love screamo megaphone songs.

They persuaded us that Zetas DO exist.



They are Muse,the great crazy band mates from Devon and we love them!:dance:

But don't you think they had changed quite a lot through all these years?

What you like or don't like about all of their "evolution"?

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Personaly I think they had stanged a lot thats why I said "evolution".All of their experiences and inspirations changed them- and the change is reaaaaaly good;)


Their songs in the Twilight thing:noey: I hate it when ppl call them "the twilight band":fear:

I love all their albums.It might be wonderful if there were songs like them on OoS album on their new one...Aw no!This wouldn't be cool...

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